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We are a leader in the field of Return Logistics – meaning we partner with technology brands to process, test, fix, and resell customer returns. Our work not only enhances our partners’ brand images, it fuels product sales on both the new and refurbished markets. We can literally turn your trash into new sources of revenue.

Turning trash into revenue

Trusted by over 100,000 customers in over 140 countries

  • Fredrick Hermann

    “RBS has been an exceptional partner to us, taking all the hassle out of our return logistics, refurb process and finding a secondary option to buyers further increasing our volume and visibility in the market.”

    Frederik Hermann / Head of Marketing and Sales 

    Huami - Top #1 Worldwide Wearable Device Company

  • Ezzy

    “In the 9 years we've worked together we have brought in over $3M on 50,000 products.”

    Ezzy Wasserman
    VP of Sales & Channel Management at JEG & Sons
  • Dovi Fogel

    “Having processed nearly 20,000 returns, RBS's service was fast, reliable and efficient. They helped preserve a stellar online reputation, delivered excellent service to our customers and turned our headaches into a source of revenue”

    Dovi Vogel
    Director of Business Development at SHARKK
  • Have you ever calculated how much 1 bad review can hurt your business?

    92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase – 40% read only 1-3 reviews to form an opinion and 86% will hesitate to purchase from a business with negative reviews.

    RBS helps technology brands prevent and resolve negative customer experiences by transforming the product return process into an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service. We enable your brand to offer quick, effective solutions when customers experience a problem – this creates happier customers, more positive reviews, and more satisfied brand ambassadors for your products.

  • Are you maximizing sales on the refurbished market?

    RBS’s proprietary network of retail and wholesale distributors can help your brand create and grow a whole new customer base on the refurbished market. Returns are currently averaging about 8%. But rather than just settling for a loss, RBS has enabled our partners to sell returns and replacements reaping an increased income generation on what would have been a loss otherwise.

  • Is your brand a good fit to partner with RBS

    RBS maintains successful win-win partnerships with a range of technology brands including producers of smart home devices, wearable tech, home and portable audio, and smartphones.

    Contact us today to find out the return logistics solutions RBS can offer your brand.

Return Processing

Many of our partners choose to send all their returned products to us, including both defective products and products returned when customers simply don’t want them for various personal reasons. Some of our partners establish warranty agreements in which their customers ship their returns directly to us and we handle repairs and replacements directly. We will work with your company to determine the return process that makes the most logistical and financial sense for your needs.

Return Tests & Repairs

Our experts in IT technologies conduct thorough tests and perform all necessary repairs to ensure all products we return to market uphold and promote your brand reputation. We pride ourselves not only on our quality standards, but the efficiency with which test and repair returns.

Return Reselling

Through our well-developed network of retail and wholesale distributors, we can resell your quality repaired products with a certified refurbished option, generating revenue and new customers for your brand on the refurbishment market.


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Here at RBS, we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to make your return process a profitable endeavor. Let’s find out how we can work together to enhance your brand reputation through an efficient, economical return process that puts your customers first.